PAT Testing Theory and Practical Training Course


50 in stock

50 in stock


This half day course covers the principles and practices of PAT testing, why we do it and how we go about it.

Course content:
• Why do we carry out PAT Testing?
• The law – what are your legal obligations?
• Principles of Electricity – Understand what the readings and measurements mean and the relationship between voltage, current and resistance
• Classification of Appliances – Class 1, 2 and 3 appliances – Find out how to tell the difference between different types of appliances so that you can carry out the correct tests
• Electrical Dangers – Discover important aspects such as why you need an earth wire, what insulation is for and how we test it.
• IET Code of Practice – We take a look at the theoretical aspects of the code of practice so that you can find any information you may need during the test
• Recording Results – How should you record your test results? What is the minimum requirement? Should I use software?
• Types of PAT Tester – What are the best types to use and explain the differences between them
• How to use a PAT Tester – The most important section. We go through the tests in detail with lots of different types of appliance so that you can have the confidence in what you are testing.
• Bring your own! Bring your own PAT Tester to the training course and we’ll show you how to use it. As we supply test equipment as well we’re experts in what we do and we know our machines and how they work

Cost (per Person): £50 + VAT

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