Harness/ Lanyard Safety

Harness/ Lanyard Safety


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AIMS: This course is an addition to the IPAF access platform course, and gives candidates a more in-depth knowledge of harnesses and their use. It will enable candidates to select, inspect and use harnesses correctly, whether for general use or for use with Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPS).

  • Employer’s and Employee’s legal responsibilities
  • MEWPs and Harnesses
  • Hierarchy of measures for hazard avoidance
  • Choice of harness and lanyard
  • Testing of harnesses by manufacturer
  • Pre Use checks and correct usage
  • Safe working loads & limitations
  • Rescue situations
  • Keeping of records

BY THE END OF THE COURSE delegates will take a short written test.

A separate harness licence is not issued by IPAF, but successful candidates will have a harness certificate.

Cost (per Person): £50 + VAT